Ayurvedic Psychology Certification

A healthy, balanced mind creates a sense of peace, contentment, and productivity. All of which contribute to a healthy, happy, productive life; one that benefits the individual and the community.

In this short course, we’ll look at Ayurvedic principles for understanding the influence of the mind in relation to disease, which is often a missing element of western medicine and health regimes. We’ll also look at what influences the mind, and how our lifestyle choices either support or disrupt our mental health.

This simple course is great for anyone who is curious about Ayurveda and would like to develop a deeper understanding of how to practically apply it to their life.


This course has 50 hours of theory study, inclusive of assessments.
Students have the opportunity to complete additional live practical learning hours via The Dinacharya Clinic.

  • Introduction to Ayurveda & Holistic Health
  • Discover the fundamental differences between the Eastern and Western approach to the mind and mental health
  • Understanding the Mind, explore impressions, dualism, symptoms of imbalance, and controlling the senses
  • Discover the Dosha Theory and how it relates to different mind-body types
  • Explore the Maha/Tri Gunas and how they can help us understand our behaviours and how the environment influences our mind
  • Introduction to subtle anatomy; explore the sheaths, nadis and shrotas, and dive into chakras
  • What constitutes “life”? Discerning the self from the mind, false ego, and intelligence
  • Techniques to balance the mind and body; introduction to eating in accordance with the Maha/Tri Gunas and meditation

Scope of Practice

The knowledge presented in this course is safe and simple, with low risks. It ties in well with health coaching, counselling, fitness and yoga. It will give you a broader scope as to why lifestyle plays such an important part of mental health, while offering simple techniques to support general wellbeing. This course is also suitable for parents who are wanting a deeper understanding of how to support their children’s mental wellbeing.

  • Develop an understanding of Ayurveda that can be applied to all areas of your life – professionally, physically, psychologically, environmentally
  • Confidently help your clients understand how their mind influences their body
  • Integrate this knowledge into your business to establish an industry edge
  • Learn how to treat the individual person, not just the localized symptoms
  • Assist people in developing harmonious lifestyle practices
  • Help others develop lifestyle that may support disease prevention, whilst improving their quality of life


  • Light hearted and simple, yet powerfully transformative, this course is delivered as a self-study approach to learning with audios, PDFS, and downloadable cheat sheets to use with clients and students.
  • You’ll gain lifetime access to our online learning portal,
  • Gain lifetime access to The Dinacharya Clinic which includes real time experience with some of practical elements of this course.
  • There are 8 written assessments to complete.


Recognition & Insurance

This course is certified with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate to provide to your elected insurance provider. It may also qualify you for up to 50hrs study towards yoga teacher training hours.


“This was my first real foray into studying anything to do with psychology since high school. I found it so practical! I know that Ayurveda is a lifelong journey of learning, discovering things about my body, mind, senses, the environment and how they work, etc, but this felt like such a clear, concise explanation with call to actions and techniques that can really be put into practice!” – J Stokes


“Studying with Live to Serve and being coached by Samantha has been nothing short of game changing, not only in relation to understanding and taking ownership of my own health, but also as a powerful way to help others. In these courses Ayurveda has been presented in a way that is practical to apply and makes me excited to keep learning, growing, and serving. If you’re looking to explore Ayurveda and be empowered to live a happy, healthy life, you’ve come to the right place.” – Amara


The Dinacharya Clinic

All students of Live to Serve Academy gain lifetime access to our real time online health program, The Dinacharya Clinic. This program runs all year long, offering our students access to weekly classes on Ayurveda and Holistic health, as well as zoom workouts and yoga classes. The Dinacharya Clinic helps our students integrate what they’re learning into their daily lives.

We also strive to provide ongoing support for our students’ wellbeing to ensure they can stay in service for as long as possible (and hopefully avoid burning out!). 



Course Dates

This course is self-paced and students can start anytime.

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