Business Course for Yoga & Wellness Professionals

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Business on Purpose: live round starting July 2022!


‘On Purpose’, as in – no winging it.
Business requires practice, expertise, and skill. It took years of study and practice to become a wellness professional. Why would you expect to know how to successfully build and sustain a business without proper training and guidance?

‘On Purpose’, as in – no more copy-catting what you see others doing and kinda sorta doing something similar. What you see on the surface of someone else’s business is the tip of the iceberg. Behind the symptoms of success that you can see are systems, processes, investments, strategy, tracking & monitoring, projects in the pipeline. You need to create this for yourself! Based on your niche, your expertise, and your business goals. Copy-catting never turns out well.

On Purpose, as in – designing your business with your priorities and values in mind. Business looks different for everyone. It’s your business – you can make it as big, small, complex, simple, etc as you like. You get to decide what works for you and your life and build your business accordingly.

On Purpose, as in – showing up and delivering your services with an attitude of servitude. Your business doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive from your natural desire and tendency to impact the lives of others. In fact, we encourage building your business with this attitude woven into the foundations of your business.


You’re wired to serve.
You’re determined to make a difference.
You just need some tools, skills, systems, and support to help you strategize, build, and sustain your ideal business and life.

Intake is now open for 2022! Super early bird pricing is available.


Development Squad: your pre-training to help you manage your time (and self!) as you step into the realm of business. As a business owner, you’ll be dealing with a lot of new behaviors, time constraints, pressure, and positive strain. This module will walk you through essential personal management skills to help you plan and establish your route to success.

This module covers:

  • Life Audit, review, and refocus
  • Essential Health & Wellness foundations
  • Ideal Life & Holistic Goal Setting
  • Time Management; “Put First Things First:
  • Energy & Focus Cycles
  • Cultivate Creativity; Create on Demand
  • Perfect Your Process & Plan Your Workflow

Mindest: An introduction to understanding the mind

and how to navigate your mental and emotional responses when creating and building a business.

This module covers:

  • Mindset Foundations: 
    • Understanding the Mind
    • Dualism
    • Symptoms of Imbalance
    • Silent Witness Meditation
    • Using the Mind to Control the Senses
    • The Mind and Business
  • Mental Objections & Challenges
    • Challenge One: You’re ‘Me’ Focused
    • Challenge Two: You’re Not Famous
    • Challenge Three: It Requires Hard Work
    • Challenge Four: It’s Not the Right Time
    • Challenge Five: You Don’t Have a Niche
    • Challenge Six: You’re Overwhelmed
    • Challenge Seven: You Lack Meaning
  • Emotional Shifts
    • Shift One: Needing Space
    • Shift Two: Social Issues
  • Choose Your Hard
  • The Awkward First Year
  • Become a Leader
  • Reality Check
  • Working through Triggers & Self-Sabotage
  • Creating Your Clarity Board
  • Money Mindset & Management
    • Your Money Story
    • Costing Your Ideal Day
    • Financial Roadmap

Branding: Unlock your creativity and unique gifts in order to create a brand that is true to you and unlike any other business in the marketplace.

  • Case Study Example: Apple Understand Branding
  • What is Branding?
  • Where to Start
  • Build Your Brand (But Don’t Stop Serving)
  • Build Your Brand Kit
    • Develop Your Mission Statement
    • Develop Your Vision Statement
    • Define Your Brand Persona
    • Create Visual Impact
    • Identify Your Uniqueness
    • Cultivate Consistency
    • Customer Experience

Websites & Tech Integration: Design a self-managed and cost-effective website. Get clued up on tech integrations that will support your business growth without costing a fortune.

  • The Value of a Website
  • The Three Phases
    • Phase One: Digital Business Card & Shopfront
    • Phase Two: A Lead Generator
    • Phase Three: Sales Optimisation
  • How to Build Your Own Website
  • Outsourcing A Website Build
  • Design Considerations
  • Blogging & SEO
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Checklist
  • Software to Support Business Growth

Marketing: Discover and define your niche while you create a holistic marketing strategy. Start building your social media platforms while generating leads and building your list/audience.

  • Marketing 101
    • What is Marketing?
    • Why is Marketing Important?
  • Defining & Understanding Your Niche
  • Creating Content
    • Content Strategy
    • Content Ideas Bucket
    • Content Planning
  • Your Customer Journey
  • Develop Your Marketing Process
  • Setting Marketing Goals
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Principle Centred Leadership
    • Social Platforms
    • Define Your Voice on Social Media
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Instagram Marketing with Gabi Metz
  • Creating a Holistic Marketing Strategy

Product Design: Cut creative overwhelm by learning the process of design. Discover processes and techniques for creating your best work on demand, and use our template to create your signature program.

  • The Business of Creating
  • What is Design?
  • The Process of Design
  • The Creative Process
  • Tips to Improve Creativity
  • Creating Your Signature Program
  • Facilitating Talks & Workshops

Sales: Reshape your mindset around sales. Build your own sales process and script, and learn how to track your sales stats for optimal discipline and results.

  • What is Sales?
  • Sales Terminology
  • Techniques & Styles of Selling
  • Persuasion Vs Manipulation
  • Coaching Techniques for Sales
    • Hold Space
    • Active Listening
    • Seek Depth; Seek to Understand
    • Be Truthful
  • Sales Mindset
  • Sales Calls
  • Creating Your Sales Process & Script
  • Customize Your Sales Calls with the Doshas In Mind:
    • Vata
    • Pitta
    • Kapha
  • Stay Calm, Make the Call
  • Systemized Follow-Ups

Business on Purpose: Build a business with purpose. Gain clarity on how you can impact the world while serving your marketplace.

  • Business on Purpose
  • Social Impact
  • Start Small, Start Now
  • Walk the Talk
  • Create a Purpose-Driven Business

Course Specs

Duration: 5 months

Investment: Super Early Bird Prices (price goes up $1000 May 23rd!):

Pay In Full: $3000+gst
Includes exclusive pay in full bonuses bundle:

  • Professional Photoshoot Curation Course
  • Pitching & Partnerships Course
  • Copy Writing Crash Course
  • 3 x one-on-one consults: Session One: Niche & Branding Session Two: Create Your Holistic Marketing Strategy Session Three: Mapping Your Product Suite


Payment Plan: $250 x 15 monthly payments

Includes the following bonus bundle:

  • Professional Photoshoot Curation Course
  • Copy Writing Crash Course

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