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As yoga teachers and wellness pros, we know the value of self-reflection as a tool for self-improvement. But are you bringing this practice into your business, too? The great thing is that it’s not a new or technical behavior you need to learn. Simply, take what you already do for your personal development, and apply it to your business.

Here are 5 journal prompts I use at the end of every week to help me process and integrate the week just gone, and prepare for progress in the week ahead:

1. What did I do well this week? What were my wins?

2. What could I improve on?

3. What was my biggest frustration/challenge/obstacle?

4. What do I need to do differently in the upcoming week to prevent the obstacle from spilling into the upcoming week?

5. What do I need to be prepared for in the upcoming week?

If you haven’t already started a business journal, I highly recommend it! Having a dedicated notebook for your business-related mental workings will help you to unclutter your mind, expand your ideas, and cultivate your creativity (in a completely private, non-judgemental environment).

I like to think of my business journal as a catchment for my ‘flow’. Creativity can be a messy process at the best of times. Trying to hold your ideas, whether practical, behavioral, or design-related, tends to disrupt the flow, as ideas and thoughts bank up in our mind.

When we maintain a regular journaling practice, we show up for our creativity by providing a space for our creativity to naturally and continually flow out and into existence in a constructive manner.

Some days you may stream new models, products, or ways to uplevel. Other times, it may simply be a note of self-connection and reflection. Sometimes it’s the small, boring thought that triggers the ‘ah ha’ moment for an unexpected useful idea.

The main thing is that you provide that space for ideas to be acknowledged, explored, and expanded.

When it comes to business, our blind spots can be our biggest energy and financial leaks. Taking time to reflect, strategize, and plan for productivity can make a huge impact on your ability to manage your business, and in managing yourself.

I hope this has been helpful!
If this is something you’d like more support in, we have a whole module on Personal Management Skills for Yoga & Wellness Pro’s inside our training course: Business on Purpose.

Well wishes,

Sami xo

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