Business on Purpose

Business on Purpose has been specifically built on old-school, timeless marketing and sales techniques that will help you develop the necessary skills to thrive in business, no matter what the digital space is doing. Meaning, you won’t be reliant on a particular social platform, technical integration, or latest trend. You’ll learn how to market and sell on and offline, which serves as a baseline model for being able to operate and grow your business under any circumstance.


Module 1: Personal Management Skills
Your pre-training to help you manage your time (and self!) as you step into the realm of business. As a business owner, you’ll be dealing with a lot of new behaviors, time constraints, pressure, and positive strain. This module will walk you through essential personal management skills to help you plan and establish your route to success.

This module covers:

  • Life Audit, review, and refocus
  • Essential Health & Wellness foundations
  • Ideal Life & Holistic Goal Setting
  • Time Management; “Put First Things First:
  • Energy & Focus Cycles
  • Cultivate Creativity; Create on Demand
  • Perfect Your Process & Plan Your Workflow

Module 2: Mindset
An introduction to understanding the mind and how to navigate your mental and emotional responses when creating and building a business.

This module covers:

  • Mindset Foundations: 
    • Understanding the Mind
    • Dualism
    • Symptoms of Imbalance
    • Silent Witness Meditation
    • Using the Mind to Control the Senses
    • The Mind and Business
  • Money Mindset & Management
    • Creating Your Budget
    • Financial Roadmap
    • Finance Coaching with Annette Dickson

Module 3: Branding
Unlock your creativity and unique gifts in order to create a brand that is true to you and unlike any other business in the marketplace.

  • Case Study Example: Apple Understand Branding
  • What is Branding?
  • Where to Start
  • Build Your Brand (But Don’t Stop Serving)
  • Build Your Brand Kit
    • Develop Your Mission Statement
    • Develop Your Vision Statement
    • Define Your Brand Persona
    • Create Visual Impact
    • Identify Your Uniqueness
    • Cultivate Consistency
    • Customer Experience

Module 4: Website & Tech Integrations
Design a self-managed and cost-effective website. Get clued up on tech integrations that will support your business growth without costing a fortune.

  • The Value of a Website
  • The Three Phases
    • Phase One: Digital Business Card & Shopfront
    • Phase Two: A Lead Generator
    • Phase Three: Sales Optimisation
  • How to Build Your Own Website
  • Outsourcing A Website Build
  • Design Considerations
  • Blogging & SEO
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Checklist
  • Software to Support Business Growth

Module 5: Marketing
Discover your niche and explore marketing. Dive deep into lead generation and start building your social media platforms while generating leads.

  • Marketing 101
    • What is Marketing?
    • Why is Marketing Important?
  • Defining & Understanding Your Niche
  • Creating Content
    • Content Strategy
    • Content Ideas Bucket
    • Content Planning
  • Your Customer Journey
  • Develop Your Marketing Process
  • Setting Marketing Goals
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Principle Centred Leadership
    • Social Platforms
    • Define Your Voice on Social Media
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Instagram Marketing with Gabi Metz
  • Creating a Holistic Marketing Strategy

Module 6: Product Design
Cut creative overwhelm by learning the process of design. Discover processes and techniques for creating your best work on demand, and use our template to create your signature program.

  • The Business of Creating
  • What is Design?
  • The Process of Design
  • The Creative Process
  • Tips to Improve Creativity
  • Creating Your Signature Program
  • Facilitating Talks & Workshops
  • Retreats & multi-day events

Module 7: Sales
Reshape your mindset around sales. Build your own sales script and learn how to track your sales stats for optimal discipline and results.

  • What is Sales?
  • Sales Terminology
  • Techniques & Styles of Selling
  • Persuasion Vs Manipulation
  • Coaching Techniques for Sales
  • Sales Calls
  • Creating Your Sales Process & Script
  • Customize Your Sales Calls with the Doshas In Mind
  • Systemized Follow-Ups

Module 8: Business on Purpose
Build a business with purpose. Gain clarity on how you can make a positive impact on the world while serving your marketplace.

  • Business on Purpose
  • Social Impact
  • Start Small, Start Now
  • Walk the Talk
  • Create a Purpose-Driven Business

Who is this For?

3 types of people typically join this program:

  • Those who want to start a new career and pursue it as a full time gig
  • Those who are practicing health professionals who want to build out new ways of operating and/or making money; they want to scale and grow from what they’ve already created
  • Those who are curious and want to explore new ways of serving and creating income, but are more or less in it for the fun of it, and/or as an avenue for serving humanity.


Business on Purpose is delivered fully online as a group coaching program.

The course includes one year of access to all course content, group coaching calls and a private Facebook group.
Feedback is provided in real-time on live calls, as well as via Facebook messenger and email.

From July 2022 – end of November 2022, there will be 2 live calls available inside this course: 1 x live lesson and 1 x open floor group coaching session.



I first met Sami at her Yoga Business coaching weekend, because I was unsettled in my day job but wasn’t quite sure how to make yoga a career that could support me. Sami’s approach and her program made all that was unclear, clear and possible.

I’ve now launched my own studio, have programs nearly ready to launch and have taken leave from my day job! Definitely the leap I wouldn’t have taken without Sami’s guidance and support.  I can’t thank her enough!”


Pay In Full: $3000+gst (early bird price until June 23rd)
Includes exclusive pay in full bonuses bundle:
3 x one-on-one consults with Sami:
Session One: Niche & Branding
Session Two: Create Your Holistic Marketing Strategy
Session Three: Mapping Your Product Suite


Payment Plan: $250 x 15 monthly payments (early bird price until June 23rd)

This is the Super Early Bird Investment price (the price will go up $1000 June 23rd).

Course Dates

This course runs live from June – December.

Sign Up & Payment Options

Payment plans are available for this courses @$250/month until the total cost is paid off (with an additional $500 interest fee).

The Dinacharya Clinic

All students of Live to Serve Academy gain lifetime access to our real time online health program, The Dinacharya Clinic. This program runs all year long, offering our students access to weekly classes on Ayurveda and Holistic health, as well as zoom workouts and yoga classes. The Dinacharya Clinic helps our students integrate what they’re learning into their daily lives, while furthering their knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda and yoga.

We also strive to provide ongoing support for our students’ wellbeing to ensure they can stay in service for as long as possible (and hopefully avoid burning out!).