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At Live to Serve Academy, our mission is to help people reclaim their inherent capacity to live a vibrant, meaningful life. We are committed to ensuring our training packages are accessible to everyone – which is where our Scholarship Program comes in. We understand that financial limitations can be an obstacle to engaging in further education. We want to help you overcome that obstacle so you can learn, grow, and serve – making a difference in the world.

Our Scholarship Program exists to help enthusiastic and dedicated students further their education – despite any disadvantages they may be experiencing. We have several options available, please review these guidelines before applying.

Application Availability Scholarships applications are currently open. All applicants will be contacted within 7 days of submitting their application to be notified of the outcome.

The following scholarships are available for each course:

  • Full Scholarship 100% fee waiver (2 available)
  • Funded Scholarship 50% fee waiver (5 available)
  • Partial Scholarship 75% fee waiver (5 available )

Scholarship Criteria

    • Full Name
    • Country of Residence
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Total Annual Income (in AUD)
    • Which course are you applying for?
      • Desired Scholarship Level
      • Fully Funded
      • Partially Funded

Please submit 500-1,000 words to support your application. Inform us of your circumstances, why you feel you qualify for a scholarship, why you want to study with Live to Serve Academy, what you hope to do with your certification upon graduating, and any other information you feel is relevant.

Do you agree to comply with the expectations for successful scholarship recipients?

  • I agree to attend all live calls
  • I agree to submit assessments on time.
  • I understand that my full participation in the training is required.
  • I am aware I will need to purchase books at my own expense and am willing to do so (books can be purchased from Amazon or Booktopia).
  • I understand that failure to comply with the above will result in the termination of my studies with Live to Serve Academy.

If you feel that you qualify for a scholarship based on the above information, please fill out the application form here.