How to Build a Brant Kit (for Health & Wellness Professionals)

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Brand Kit

In today’s content-driven society, you can’t afford to be unclear on your message! Yes, you teach yoga/pilates/practice Ayurveda/coach etc. But what do you really do? It’s no longer enough to regurgitate academic information, or heavily self-promote. In today’s online climate, you MUST be demonstrating depth in your expertise and delivering value for your audience.

“Ok, but where to start? I do so many things! How on earth do I narrow it down to express a clear message?”

I’ve noticed that many aspiring wellness professionals skip a very important step in building their business: branding.

(First comes the branding, and THEN comes the marketing!).

Behind congruent marketing lies the reason why you do what you do.
The reason your services exist is found in your journey, your story, and your vision – the impact that you desire to make.
Branding takes the juicy specifics from your ‘why’, in order to build the foundational pillars that support congruent marketing, messaging, and style in your business.

A Brand Kit will help you create something that represents who you are and what you offer, as well as how you differentiate from others in your marketplace. By being thoughtful about your brand, it will be easier to create consistent content and visuals that support your message and unique value, while allowing you to fully express yourself with clarity and confidence. This helps to build reputation and trust with your audience, as well as a memorable presence and experience.

Get started in building your own brand kit to help craft your mission and message in this Free 1hr Online Class.

This 60 min masterclass will walk you through building your own Brand Kit – something that will serve as a go-to source of ‘do’s and don’ts’ for your business.

– Presentation & Guidance on how to build your brand kit
– Workshop Notes
– Workshop Recording & Slides

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