About Samantha Hewinson (Holistic Yoga Therapy)

Director & Head Trainer
Sami is our Founder & Director and works primarily in creating and delivering Live to Serve Academy courses.

Teacher Bio
Mother of four, holistic yoga therapist, personal trainer, and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Samantha Hewinson, is known for her gentle, simple, and effective approach to helping women achieve optimal wellbeing. As the owner and founder of Live to Serve Academy, Samantha helps aspiring health professionals live, lead, and serve with confidence. With students and graduates in over 10 countries, her community uses science-based modalities and purpose-driven business practices to support people in living a vibrant, meaningful life.

Diploma of Holistic Yoga Therapy
Diploma of Ayurvedic Nutrition
Cert III & IV Personal Training
Certified Wellness Coach
Certified Kids Yoga Teacher
Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer

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