The Sattva System

Lifestyle as Medicine (The Ayurvedic Way)

Life is challenging and complicated. This is why your health regime needs to be simple, and straightforward.

We’ve developed an approach that optimizes your essential daily activities, without adding unnecessary rules, fancy foods, or complicated rituals.

Attain your ideal weight and feel content and confident in your body.

Get off the self-sabotage merry-go-round by breaking free from negative behavior patterns.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout and reclaim your vitality!

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Online Fitness & Yoga Classes

Wellness Coaching App


Inside The Sattva System Program, losing weight and getting fit are fringe benefits of living a life in balance. While we absolutely work on helping you find your ideal weight and feel your best, we’re also focused on helping you live your life in a way that supports your optimal state of being.

But it’s not just about having the right process. We know that life has many variables that affect your ability to do what you intend to do. This is why we don’t just show you what to do, we hold your hand as we show you step-by-step how to do it, supported by real-time habit and mindset coaching using our Sattva System Daily check-in app.


We help you solve some of the most common and under-represented health obstacles to help move forwards with clarity and confidence.

You’re stuck in the never ending cycle of having to pay top $$$ to maintain your health, without ever really understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing. So long as you keep paying the experts and buying new fitness challenges, supplements and health paraphernalia, you’ll be ok (although you’re getting kind of tired of it).

Our Solution: Empower with Education.

The Sattva System program offers weekly fun, interactive education based support calls where you’ll learn how to establish a holistic approach to health and life. Develop a deeper understanding of your mind-body-spirit complex in a way that enables you to regain trust in the inherent intelligence of your body and Nature. You’ll also have access to our lesson library that offers a comprehensive health system with tools and resources to support your curiosity and growth.

From self-sabotage behaviours, to habitually choosing comfort over discipline, or being swept away by emotions - if your thought processes are stuck in a negative loop, it’s hard to build momentum with your health practices, and can often feel like you’re working against yourself.

Our Solution: Shifting Beliefs and Supporting Healthy Thought Processes.

This program will work on changing your limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought processes, while helping you create a health regime that meets you where you’re at (obstacles and all), and grows with you.

As a home-schooling mother of 4 kids, I get the experience of justified reasons why success with your health is not possible for you. But I want to reassure you that it is possible to maintain a consistent, simple health regime that gets you the lasting results you desire. It takes consistent effort over a long period of time, and support in developing new ways of problem solving challenging thoughts and circumstances (offered inside the program as part of our coaching support).

You’ve ‘gotten healthy’ many times before. But something about it is boring. Why go to all that effort - what’s the point?

Our Solution: At Live to Serve Academy we encourage Karma Yoga (selfless service) to help you add more meaning and purpose to your life.

We believe that physical health can definitely add to your quality of life, but it’s not going to ‘make you happy’. Threaded throughout all of our programs (including The Sattva System program), is the culture of kindness and giving back. In the spirit of karma yoga, we crate opportunities to work on micro social projects together.



If you struggle with implementation and are sick of ‘signing up’ to stuff (heath programs, courses, business ideas, etc) and not following through, I invite you to join us for an in-depth, immersive journey that will help you develop all the behind the scenes skills required for gaining control of your health, mind, time, and happiness (ie. this program will serve you well beyond your physical health).

Annual Membership $350+gst

  • Learning Modules (instant access to 100’s of classes!)
  • 12 Week Easy to follow Sattva System Health Guide
  • Live group calls
  • Wellness Coaching App for Accountability, Coaching, & Results Tracking
  • Monthly reporting (optional)
  • Access to zoom Pilates and Yoga Classes
  • Like-minded Community
  • Social catch-ups in SE QLD

Premium Membership $1000+gst
Includes everything in the Annual Membership, plus:

  • Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching 150hr Certification (study as you transform your own life and become a certified coach by the end of your 12-month experience!)
  • Lifetime access to The Sattva System Program
  • 60 min One-on-One Consultation
  • Dosha Analysis
  • Life Audit Test

Course Dates

The Sattva System program officially starts in mid-January each year, and runs until the end f November. We break over Christmas (but you’ll maintain access to the content portal so you can sustain your healthy habits over the end of year break).

You can start at any time, and your membership will grant you 12 months of access from your enrolment date, or lifetime access for premium members (all students of Live to Serve Academy are given lifetime access to The Sattva System program).

Sign Up & Payment Options


Our emphasis is less on the physical practice of yoga (asana), and more on the many other aspects of the yoga lifestyle that breed health and harmony such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, mindset, meditation, and positive social engagement. You can choose to practice (or not practice) yoga-asanas as often as feels appropriate for you.

Yes, all our workouts can be practiced at-home (no gym required), and require little to no equipment. Any exercise that does require equipment can be adapted to be completed without.

The Sattva System program is designed to support you and your unique circumstances. It runs with a year-long plan and a choose-your-own-adventure approach - meaning, you can participate in the program however it feels best for you.

Inside the membership you’ll have access to information that you can peruse in your own time, live weekly education and support calls where you can explore what you’re learning, gain feedback, and have your questions answered. All the calls are recorded (for inside the membership only), so you can access a replay anytime. We also have mini short courses that run throughout the year, regular in-person social catch-up opportunities, surprise guests, and access to free or low-cost private coaching with LTSA graduates and students.

It’s entirely up to you. We are very aware of the precious value of time, and don’t want to take up too much of yours. Everything is optional, and you can choose to access the recordings in your own time.

We have a weekly 60 min group call, 3 x morning classes, and aside from that, optional self-study, daily app check-ins (which take 2 mins), and the practical application of what you’re learning (which are all daily lifestyle activities that will hopefully become second nature by the end of the program).

You can cancel your membership renewal anytime, and your membership will cease after your billing cycle has ended. You will remain in the Facebook group and maintain access to the content portal until the last day of your subscription.