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Live a Vibrant, Meaningful Life

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Looking for more meaning and purpose in your life but don’t know how to create it?
Or, are you someone who has found your passion as a health or medical professional, but hasn’t found a way to make it a sustainable, lifelong career that lights you up?

Either way, we can help you.


At Live to Serve Academy, we offer 3 tiers of services to support your personal and professional growth.


Live the lifestyle with our virtual wellness Clinic & classes.


Learn the methodologies of Ayurveda & Yoga with our courses and certifications.


Serve the world with Ayurveda & Yoga, using our industry specific business training.


Our programs and courses are based on the time-tested principles and practices of yoga and Ayurveda, blended with the powerful modern techniques of coaching.

Our method is a transformation system that is organic and ethical. Meaning:

No mental manipulation

No strict guidelines

No dogmas

No forceful call to actions

Co-Lead by the client and wellness practitioner

It empowers people to take responsibility for their wellbeing, and supports the integration of eastern and western schools of health.

The Live to Serve Method is a 5-step consulting process offered throughout all our courses. It allows our students to map out a clear pathway for serving their clients. Our method offers a safe and effective approach to guiding people in living life the way their body was fundamentally designed to.

Instead of technical health practices or stringent guidelines, our focus is to help people realign themselves with the inherent intelligence of Nature. From there, the process of transformation occurs naturally and becomes longer-lasting.

All Live to Serve Academy programs and courses work within the scope of our 3 pillars to attain optimal wellness outcomes:

Developing and Maintaining Healthy Thought Processes

Mastering Essential Habits to Support Lifestyle Regulation

Engaging in Spiritual Practices & Pursuits